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Inspiration: Beware Comfort Zones!

Inspiration is the enthusiasm that enables us to find meaning and undertake our actions or our thoughts creatively. It is the compelling energy which generates unstinting motivation and commitment. Inspiration remains a very mysterious process that we certainly cannot intentionally control. Inspiration can not be commanded, but it can be triggered by certain stimuli, like meditation, relaxation, painting, cognitive therapy and other activities that allow the mind to detach itself from negative thoughts and create positive ones.

It is important to understand that we can often try to trigger inspiration by undergoing a stimulus of sudden change. For example, it may be changing work environment, eating habits, sleeping more or more often, reading an unusual book, or meeting someone we may have avoided in the past. These changes can trigger inspiration to create and adapt.

Inspiration generates satisfaction. This is especially the case when we achieve tangible goals or when we flourish better while generating more inspiration. That said, this virtuous circle of inspiration is never guaranteed as it can often turn into a vicious circle. Indeed, despite the fact we all know it is essential to leave our comfort zone to reach the zone of uncertainty and creativity required to create value, human nature ensures the more comfortable our situation is the less effort we make to leave this comfort zone. This inertia creates self-satisfaction that hinders the ability to extend our limits and blinds all action.

The pitfalls of inaction and complacency apply to progress in the Maslow hierarchy (Physiological needs, Safety needs, belonging and love, esteem, self-actualisation), the understanding of which must be completed by the dynamic of changes. These can be imposed by the environment, but also chosen as stimulus of inspiration, and we can choose to go down a notch in the pyramid to better bounce to other levels instead of being confined by a deterministic sequencing of needs satisfaction !

By Farid Yandouz


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