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Believe in your distinctive uniqueness!

We often feel that our paths are based on systems and criteria that others have created for us. These might stem from our schooling, our promotion path in our company, our assessment of wealth …

This is a false paradigm. Our journey is in fact unique, if we wish to make it so, especially as we are in fact unique ourselves, just as we carry in ourselves this identity and that very particular grain that is born with us. You can strive to leverage it into realizing your potential or you can dilute it into ambient conformism. It is certainly difficult for us to understand and implement our uniqueness in a climate that favours pre-established social norms, rules of use consistent with habits, or relational rites that govern our interactions with others …

You are unique and you deserve a unique treatment, at least in the way you consider yourself. It is not a question of increasing your egocentricity or narcissism. It is rather an understanding that you can contribute in a rather distinctive way to your evolution, through what you bring to your surroundings, the imprint you bear on your company, and first and foremost what you become. Between what your DNA makes of you, and what you make of your DNA, you have the keys to understanding the meaning of your life, beyond simply satisfying your needs and desires.

If you embrace your uniqueness, you will have the opportunity to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you will be able to transform your life away from the routine of conformism towards creativity and agility, which will further reinforce your uniqueness.

The virtuous circle is clearly not simple to set up, but it all begins with changing your paradigm in relation to yourself and not waiting for people to do it first.

By Farid Yandouz


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